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Misty Gully

Misty Gully Maple Flavoured Sugar Crystals 700g

Misty Gully Maple Flavoured Sugar Crystals 700g

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Sugar is a common ingredient used in bacon making. 

Maple flavoured sugar is a very versatile product, traditionally used in brines when making ham or bacon, you can also use it in brines for fish & poultry. It is particularly good with duck or other wild game.

Another bonus with maple flavoured sugar is its use in the kitchen when baking, you can substitute maple sugar for your normal white sugar to add a lovely maple flavour to your cakes & pastries. Imagine maple sugar toffees or a maple flavour added to your custard or cream.

This is a maple flavoured sugar as used commercially here in Australia by many butchers and food processing companies. Pure maple crystals is not readily available here and when it is it comes at a very high cost so this sugar comes as a very effective alternative.
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