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Lane's BBQ

Lane's BBQ Magic Dust Rub 340g

Lane's BBQ Magic Dust Rub 340g

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A mouth-watering mix of sweet, salty, and smokey that is sure to be a crowd favourite at meal time. What started as an experiment, Magic Dust quickly enchanted the pit-masters at Lane’s BBQ. From the back yard BBQ’r to low & slow champions, it continues to delight tastebuds all over Australia.

Awarded Australia's Best Pork Rub
Australian Barbeque Alliance Awards 2022


Magic Dust is All Flavour:

  • No junk (preservatives, additives, caking-agents etc...)

  • All natural ingredients

  • Gluten Free

Our seasonings are ALL FLAVOUR!

You won’t find any nasty fillers or chemicals that traditional supermarket seasonings have. We pride ourselves on having nothing but real ingredients that have real flavour. We have spent years developing these flavours to have an unmistakable balance. This means no surprises when seasonings your food. They will take you on a delicious journey no matter what you are cooking!

Check out the ingredients below. We don't hide anything, see for yourself!

Ingredients: White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Chili Powder, Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Oregano, Ground Mustard, Cayenne

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