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Dingo Sauce Co.

Dingo Sauce Co. House of Kane Hot Sauce 150ml

Dingo Sauce Co. House of Kane Hot Sauce 150ml

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This is our brand new Dingo baby and a world exclusive to boot! The first ever sauce, anywhere in the world, to use the brand new single origin Peach Candy Kane chilli!

The House of Kane is a really special sauce. We’re honoured to have been allowed to use this exciting new hybrid, the fruit of 5 years labour from local grower James Raumaewa and a cross between a peach habanero from Peru (pi281429) & a red Trinidad Scorpion Moruga 🔥
Definitely one of our most eclectic ingredients lists with mango, yellow peach, coconut water, lake salt, ginger, coconut oil, turmeric, kaffir lime zest, coriander seeds, lemongrass, Thai basil aaaaaaand galangal thrown in for good measure!

This sauce has an upfront, fresh zestiness with a smooth, creamy fruit feel. A hint of South East Asian spices with a heat that creeps up and holds to finish. You’d expect nothing less from the Willy Wonka of hot sauce, right folks!

Heat rating: 7/10

Gluten free, vegan friendly
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