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Coast 'n' Smoke

Coast 'n' Smoke BAHIA BARRELS Rub 170g

Coast 'n' Smoke BAHIA BARRELS Rub 170g

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Beef (picanha), Fish, Chicken, Vegetables - GRILL. ENJOY. GO SURF.

A complex and tasty Brazilian blend from the Bahia region of Brazil. This Tempero Baiano has a fragrant aroma that will entice you before you have even begun cooking. It is a medium heat blend, and provides great colour to your cook also.

It's delicious on a picanha (rump cap) cooked over coals but it's equally great on a steak cooked on the gas barbecue. We love it on chicken tenderloins served on top of a fresh salad or burrito bowl for a great summer dish. 

This blend contains no sugar, no gluten, and is vegan. There are no additives or artificial ingredients added, should clumping of contents occur just shake to loosen.
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